We are the largest distributor of Fresh and Dried Green and Red chili in Colorado! Our chili is shipped in every 1-2 days fresh from the farms! Here’s an example of how our chili is brought to you: Chili is ordered in Hatch, New Mexico on Monday afternoon. This is picked the following morning and immediately brought in trucks to the farm. These are then washed in cold water to bring that pulp temperature down 20-30 degrees, sorted and graded, and washed all over again. The chili is placed in sacks or boxes, and on to a refrigerated truck, which is then brought to our facility, where it is placed in large coolers right off the truck until you are in our store to order your bushel to be roasted! That’s why we have the best reputation for the freshest chili in the state.Now we invite you to check out the competition before you come to look and pop one of our chili’s open to hear that sound that only the freshest chili can make! We thank you for your business for all these years and promise to continue this practice, to ensure you get to experience the flavor that only The Chili Guys Brings you!!!

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