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Scoville Scale

The method of testing a pepper’s pungency units invented by Wilbur Scoville in 1912. Mr. Scoville determined his test results by taking the extracts of many types of chili peppers and diluting them in a sugared water solution until none of the heat remained. The testing was accomplished by a panel of 5 “judges” who would taste these solutions and then tell Mr. Scoville when they no longer felt any heat. This testing was very subjective as your can imagine and results were not very consistent.

Scoville Rating Type of Pepper
15,000,000 – 16,000,000 Pure capsaicin (Unavailable through a natural grown plant and is only synthetically developed)
8,600,000 – 9,100,000 Various capsaicinoids (e.g. homocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, norhydrocapsaicin) (Unavailable through a natural grown plant and is only synthetically developed)
2,000,000 – 5,300,000 Standard U.S. Grade pepper stray, FN 303 irritant ammunition (Unavailable through a natural grown plant and is only synthetically developed)
855,000 – 1,050,000 Bhut Jolokia aka Naga Jolokia (Hottest naturally grown pepper)
350,000 – 580,000 Red Savina Habanero
100,000 – 350,000 Habanero chili, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Datil Pepper, Rocoto, Jamaican Hot pepper, African Birdseye, Madame Jeanette
50,000 – 100,000 Thai Pepper, Malagueta Pepper, Chiltepin Pepper, Pequin Pepper
30,000 – 50,000 Cayenne Pepper, Aji Pepper, Tabasco Pepper, some Chipotle pepper
10,000 – 23,000 Serrano Pepper, some Chipotle peppers
2,500 Р8,000 Jalape̱o Pepper, Guajillo pepper, New Mexican varieties of Anaheim pepper, Paprika (Hungarian wax pepper)
500 – 250 Anaheim pepper, Poblano pepper, Rocotillo Pepper
100 – 500 Pimento, Pepperoncini
0 No heat, Bell pepper

Hot Food Health Info…

Following salt, chilies are the next most commonly used food in the world. In the United States salsa is the number one condiment. Internationally, cultures take pleasure in the variety of ways that chili peppers add a dynamic flavor to dishes and recipes. But ever better is that hot chili peppers have great health, dietary and medicinal benefits. This has been know to most of the world for hundreds of years but is now only coming into its own in the “civilized” Western world. The key ingredient in hot peppers, Capsaicin is associated with curing many ailments, and promoting good health. Capsaicin is found concentrated in the intestinal tract of the chili pepper. Perhaps the greatest “hope” is to find a cure for cancer. Capsaicin is being clinically tested in cancer research that suggests that it can kill prostate cancer cells, lung cancer cells, and inhibits the further growth of leukemia cells. It is also being studied for use in pain treatment for post-surgical pain. It is a major component in the “Master Cleanse” diet. It is also used for arthritis pain relief, migraine pain relief, backache relief, muscle pain relief, pain relief from strains, and sprains, nasal spray for sinus and headache relief, digestion problems, to lower blood pressure, to control bleeding, flu treatment, to induce sweating thereby breaking a fever, to treat incontinence, as a herpes crème, an energy booster and more!

Below is an alphabetized list of ailments and how hot chili peppers are proven to be beneficial for dietary and health uses.

The information presented is for informative purposes only. Anyone experiencing a medical problem should, of course, contact their physician.
Arthritis I

* A protein receptor binds with capsaicin to aid with chronic pain which allows the influx of calcium and sodium ions to react to nerve cells.
* Attempts are still being made to develop drugs which would null the pain signals through the receptors without affecting other cells. This is still in development.

Arthritis II

* Capsaicin cream can help ease the pain of arthritis when applied topically on stiff joints (Not recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disorder.)

Arthritis III

* Topical capsaicin creams (Zostrix or Dr. K’s) lessens pain by blocking the production of a neuro-transmitter in the joint.
* These creams can also calm joint inflammation.
* Topical Capsaicin creams can be a more effective treatment to Ibuprofen and other non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which over prolonged use have been linked to a higher chance of ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

High Blood Pressure

* The consumption of peppers can increase circulation while lowering blood pressure.
* Peppers are high in Vitamins A and C, and bioflavinoids, which are necessary nutrients for cell development, and help strengthens blood vessel walls.
* Active ingredients in peppers can also boost the body’s metabolism and attack free radicals.

Cluster Headaches and Migraines

* Zostrix, a topical capsaicin cream, has been found to relieve the pain of cluster headaches when applied inside the nostrils 2x/day


* Chile Peppers promote endorphin production
* Endorphins are a natural substance which when released into the bloodstream can heighten good feelings. Endorphins are natural opiates.

Flu or Respiratory Problems

* Hot peppers can treat symptoms of the flu (by promoting sweating) and opening clogged breathing passages, which functions as an effective expectorant.

Herpes Simplex

* Topical application of capsaicin cream such as Zostrix, helps to reduce Herpes flare-ups.
* A fresh, cut-up pepper if applied to the area in question, can usually be gone within 24 hours (as compared to 12 – 14 days if left untreated).
* This treatment may also work on shingles (Herpes Zoster).

Muscle Pain

* The topical cream, Heet, has been used to reduce muscle pain.
* A topical application of a fresh, cut-up pepper to the source of the pain can also be an effective treatment for muscle pain.

Overactive Bladder/Incontinence

* Capsaicin if fed into the bladder with a catheter desensitizes hyperirritable, aberrant neurons in the bladder for extended periods of time. This activity blocks the premature bladder contractions which cause an unpredictable loss of urine.

Pain & Discomfort

* Chile peppers can tame itchiness from dialysis, aid in numbing pains from shingles (Herpes Zoster), and diabetes mellitus.
* Capsaicin candy has also been known to be prescribed to cancer patients, to ease mouth pain.
* Topical capsaicin cream can relieve the pain associated with burns.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak

* A mixture of dried peppers and a small amount of water applied directly to a rash will null the itch and expedite the drying process.

Post-Operative Pain

* The topical capsaicin cream, Zostrix, has been prescribed for pain relief, for mastectomy patients and amputees.


* Capsaicin creams have been prescribed to dry up psoriasis patches.

Sinusitis, Tension, and Sinus Headaches

* Ground chili peppers when snorted up the nose have been said to relieve headaches brought on by tension or sinus problems.
* Eating hot peppers have also been found to help one cure headaches.

Sore Throat

* A spray made of 80 proof spirits, water and hot pepper powder can help reduce or eliminate sore throat pain for up to 3 hours.
* In addition, it can also clear nasal passages.

Spinal-Cord Injury

* A protein ion receptor binds with capsaicin to manage chronic pain.


* Hot peppers inhibit the growth of H. Pylori, the bacteria that causes specific types of ulcers.

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